Let's be honest parents.

Your have more influence on your student's faith lives than you might think. That's why we want to partner to help you to be leaders in your student's faith life.
Here, we want to equip you to be those leaders. Check in on this page periodically to find news on upcoming parent training sessions, additional resources, as well as stay up to date on what is happening with your student as they journey through their faith with OSLC Youth Ministries.


Intentional Parenting
Coming fall 2017

Doug and Cathy Fields share ten principles to navigate beyond survival mode and quick fixes in their video-based curriculum Intentional Parenting.Click through the link to watch a short (and funny) promo video and to sign up to be alerted when more information becomes available!


Live curriculum

D101 students follow Live Curriculum during their three year Confirmation program. The curriculum has a daily app that your family can follow on your smart phone, tablet, or iPad. Follow the link to download the app, or use our weekly PDF print outs.


Right Click
coming Spring 2018

Do you feel lost between the snaps, stories, and posts of Social Media? Karen Powell and her colleagues at Fuller Youth Institute have developed a resource to help you parent your teenager in a digital media world. This is a helpful resource that will give you confidence in how you lead your family. Sign up to get more information about upcoming Parent Training Opportunities or additional resources.